Professor Elemental: Nemesis

I’m Professor Elemental, a Hip Hop emcee from the UK who makes lots of music and other stuff for a nerdy audience. I am a huge comic book nerd myself, I’m currently working on a project which I hope will be of interest.
I’m currently holding a competition to find my character a nemesis, an evil villain to face off against Professor Elemental in my next album. The album itself will be a love letter to comic books; from epic superhero events to quirky Grant Morrison-esque Sci-fi.
We started the competition this week and it’s already had a great response. Not only will the winning character be voiced by an award-winning battle rapper, but they will also star in their own comic written by small press legend Chris Mole, with art by the excellent Jamie Keys. You can see some of the brilliant entries that we’ve been sent here. The competition is open for a month, to all ages and abilities.

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