That’s right…the Bees are back with the third and final issue of their 3-part authorized biographical comic book miniseries, written by me and illustrated by Dell Barras, that details the amazing lives and careers of professional wrestlers B. Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell. The first two issues delved into their early lives and careers in the NWA and AWA territories, where B. Brian blazed a trail as a singles competitor in the NWA and where Jumping Jim soared to unprecedented heights as one-half of the AWA Tag Team champion High Flyers. As exciting as those were, issue #3 unites the two legendary men as they buzz a path through the WWF, on their way to ultimately capturing the UWF World Tag Team titles. If you missed the first two issues, don’t worry. You can grab them all, including some fantastic new covers and re-sized issues by Randolph Dixon.

Click on the image below, check out the campaign and reserve a copy. The campaign ends on September 20, so don’t miss out!!

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