Popular comic creating duo Martin & Young thrust you to a galaxy of action with the hard-drinking, black hole sword slinging, twin-bunned PRINCE-S STARthief!!!

PRINCE-S STARthief is the latest in a collection of comic book concepts called Pulp Girls from creator Jason Martin that each play with different genres, feature unique death-defying female protagonists, and showcase amazing and vibrant artists. The all new first issue of the proposed series is being offered via Kickstarter, where Martin (Swiss Army Woman, Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie, Night of the 80s Undead) is joined by artist and frequent collaborator, Winston Young (Amalgama: Space Zombie, Zombie Tramp, Vampblade).

It’s an all-out thrill ride of a sci-fi story set in a future where mankind, enslaved by monarchic corporations, has spread like a disease to the stars. Our PRINCE-S is the daughter of one such “royal brand”, who, instead of going through with her arranged marriage, travels the galaxy causing trouble for her powerful family! Striking out on her own, she slips through corporate fingers to steal and stockpile the galaxy’s most lethal toys. But also, she likes to drink and smoke future tech WISK-e and CIGa-rets!! It’s like Star Wars meets Tomb Raider by way of Aeon Flux in a comic book series full of SPACE, DRUGS, and ROCK-N ROLL!!!

With his long running monthly series Vampblade soon to reach its milestone 50th and final issue Martin had this to say of the new book, “With Vampblade coming to an end, I’m excited to set up some new creator owned works via crowdfunding. First with Swiss Army Woman earlier this year, and now with a return to my PRINCE-S STARthief concept – which is perfect for fans of comics, movies, TV, or animation that pushes genres and boundaries, and aims to give you an over-the-top fun time for your money! Plus Winston and I have been making comics together for years, so we’re working hard to make this the coolest thing we’ve done yet!! Building on the success of the last Pulp Girls Kickstarter, STARthief has already surpassed that all around, but I’d love to get it in front of as many potential fans as possible!”

The Kickstarter is live now and fully funded, with many stretch goals met and more yet to come. There are rewards such as a digital version of the over-sized first issue, or a regular cover print edition. As well as several limited edition variant covers from popular artists, and other unique rewards like a custom 3.75″ action figure. So whether you just want to read something cool digitally, or snag a top-quality collectible, this campaign has something for you!

Created and written by: Jason Martin
Artist: Winston Young
Cover Artist(s): Winston Young, Celor, Elsevilla, Michael McComb, Bill McKay, Edward Punn, TMChu
Available now on Kickstarter:
Closing: Wed, July 22 2020
Books published/delivered: October 2020

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