Preview: F*ck Me, TANKERS #1 is Coming Soon from Bad Idea – And We’re Holding Robert Venditti & Juan Jose Ryp Responsible for This 

Q: What is the secret to making great comics the Bad Idea way?

A: Time travel, cutting-edge mech armor, tough-guy roughnecks with a deep-seated grudge against dinosaurs, ethically debased oil executives, and, um, the horrors of evolution run amok?

That is correct!

If you like all these things and more, then good news: TANKERS #1 is absolutely going to melt your face, eyes, and prefrontal cortex (in that order) when Bad Idea unloads THREE DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUES of dinosaur-battling intensity into select comic shops worldwide beginning in April 2021!

From the deeply unsettling and sugar-dependent imaginations of New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (Justice League), blockbuster artist Juan Jose Ryp (Wolverine), and Eisner Award-winning colorist Jordie Bellaire (Pretty Deadly), TANKERS #1 is the only comic brave enough to admit that the biggest injustice of the dinosaurs’ extinction is that mankind didn’t get to kill them all ourselves. And now, 60 million years on, we finally have our chance to correct that wrong.

Bone-shredding destruction! Wanton corporate malfeasance! Reckless use of industrial machinery! And lots and lots of ammunition. Like a Saturday morning cartoon that’s run irresponsibly overbudget, Venditti, Ryp & Bellaire are going to take all of our insecurities about mankind’s most self-destructive impulses and turn them up until the knob snaps off with a premise that goes something like this:

The CEO of global energy conglomerate Greenleaf Oil has just discovered a terrifying secret: the planet only has a decade or less of petroleum left before it’s gone forever. But he has a plan to make sure his great-great grandchildren can continue to generate maximum shareholder value – and secure his own legacy in the process. Rather than develop a game-changing renewable energy source through the power of corporate innovation, Greenleaf has perfected the next best thing – time travel (duh) – so that a team of six field-rat contractors armed to the teeth in individually customized mech suits can go back to the Cretaceous Period, tweak the trajectory of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and give mankind another 500 millennia worth of oil reserves. What could go wrong? Only all of human history, of course – because when Greenleaf’s team of Tankers come home, they’ll discover that not only did the dinosaurs never die out, they’ve kept evolving for another 60 million years…and they’re more pissed off than ever.

Please be advised that prolonged exposure to TANKERS #1 may cause the following side effects: fist pumping, extended dependency on cargo shorts long after it is appropriate, “the shakes,” all caps emails, yearning for a father’s love, Mountain Dew, and brain damage (in a good way, we think). Also, the series will be shipping BI-MONTHLY (that means every other month, don’t look it up) because too much at one time would probably make you die.

So, now, you’re probably asking yourself: “That all sounds incredibly tasteful and understated, but what is Bad Idea, anyway?”

We’re delighted by the question. Bad Idea is a dangerously unruly, equally experimental, and audaciously entertaining new comics publisher built in service of just one idea: Monthly comics, sold exclusively in comic books stores. No digital releases. No trade paperbacks or hardcovers. And no variant covers, either. Just super-high quality comics storytelling published in a deluxe, prestige format package that will always leave you wanting more – because we’ll never publish more than two in a given month.

And TANKERS #1 is just one of several new sizzling slabs of full-on comics greatness that we will be releasing throughout spring and summer 2021:

MARCH 2021
ENIAC #1 (of 4)
Matt Kindt (writer) ** Doug Braithwaite (art) ** Diego Rodriguez (colors) ** Lewis LaRosa with Laura Martin (cover)

APRIL 2021
TANKERS #1 (of 3)
Robert Venditti (writer) ** Juan Jose Ryp (art/cover) ** Jordie Bellaire (colors)

MAY 2021
Matt Kindt (writer) ** Adam Pollina (art/cover) ** Matt Hollingsworth (colors)

JULY 2021:
THE LOT #1 (of 4)
Marguerite Bennett (writer) ** Renato Guedes (art/colors/cover)

July 2021
Zeb Wells (writer) ** David Lafuente (art/cover) ** Ulises Arreola (colors)

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TANKERS #1 (of 3)
** ROBERT VENDITTI (writer) **
** JUAN JOSE RYP (art/cover) **
** JORDIE BELLAIRE (colors) **
** DAVE SHARPE (letters) **
** $3.99 // DOUBLE-SIZED // BI-MONTHLY // ON SALE APRIL 2021 ** Comics NewsNews
Preview: F*ck Me, TANKERS #1 is Coming Soon from Bad Idea – And We're Holding Robert Venditti & Juan Jose Ryp Responsible for This  Q: What is the secret to making great comics the Bad Idea way? A: Time travel, cutting-edge mech armor, tough-guy roughnecks with a deep-seated grudge against dinosaurs,...