“Mission: Istanistan, Part 2”, the 21st issue of Powers Squared, comes out on Wednesday, June 12. Powers Squared tells the story of Marty and Eli Powers, identical twin brothers who discover on the first day of college that they had been granted super powers by a magical yokai when they were young. They share some of the same powers, including telepathy, teleportation, invisibility, and super sight. Individually, Marty was granted superspeed and Eli telekinetic abilities.

This issue is a continuation of the events in Part 1. The US military has reached out to the boys and want them to use their superpowers to thwart the plans of rogue nation Istanistan, which has developed a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Eli volunteers to go in, using teleportation while Marty relays information using their shared powers of telepathy.

“Eli is captured and even though the Army tells Marty there’s nothing they can do, he goes into find his brother. But the rescue does not go smoothly,” said Paul Hankins, one of the co-writers on the issue with his father David. “That’s what Part 2 deals with.”

In the issue, things go from bad to worse for the boys, who also run into a villain from a previous issue, now assisting the Istanistanis in their weapons program. There is also a ticking clock, as there is only so much time before the explosive Eli set goes off.

The artwork is done by Rachel Wells, her sixteenth book, the coloring is by Julia Canon and the lettering is by Trevor Hankins, who is also a co-creator of the book. The cover and the first few pages of the issue can be found on the Powers Squared website: https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/%2320-1-mission%3A-istanistan.

“Mission: Istanistan, Part 2” will be available in both digital and print through the following platforms: GlobalComix, Kindle, Indy Planet and Artithmeric.com. Links can be found at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/the-campus-store.

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