“Mission: Istanistan, Part 1”, the 20th issue of Powers Squared, comes out on Wednesday, March 13. Powers Squared tells the story of Marty and Eli Powers, identical twin brothers who discover on the first day of college that they had been granted super powers by a magical yokai when they were young. They share some of the same powers, including telepathy, teleportation, invisibility, and super sight. Individually, Marty was granted superspeed and Eli telekinetic abilities.

“We wanted to do something different with the characters,” said David Hankins, one of the writers on the issue. “It would only be a matter of time before the government would catch on to the boys’ powers.” Co-writer Paul Hankins adds, “The story was influenced by Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a video game that I’ve enjoyed playing.”

In this issue, the U.S. Army enlists Marty and Eli Powers to work on a classified secret mission to stop a rogue nation, Istanistan, from completing work on a WMD. The mission seems simple, one will teleport in and do the work and the other will use telepathy to guide them. It’s a dangerous mission, but what could go wrong?

The artwork is done by Rachel Wells, her fifteenth book, the coloring is by Julia Canon and the lettering is by Trevor Hankins, who is also a co-creator of the book. The cover and the first few pages of the issue can be found on the Powers Squared website: powerssquaredcomicbook.com

“Mission: Istanistan” will be available in both digital and print through the following platforms: GlobalComix, Kindle, Indy Planet and Artithmeric.com. Links can be found at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/the-campus-store.

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