(Lake Balboa, CA: Nov 9) After publishing seven issues on ComiXology and by print-on-demand, Powers Squared has launched their first-ever Kickstarter to celebrate the release of two new issues, which make up the Mathemagical story arc. The Kickstarter went live on November 9 and runs until December 9 and can be accessed here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/630936668/powers-squared-mathemagical.

“We’re hoping that the Kickstarter is indeed mathemagical,” says David Hankins, the co-creator along with his twin sons, Trevor and Paul. “We would like to raise awareness and hopefully raise some additional funds to allow us to keep creating more issues. We still have a lot of stories left to tell.”

Powers Squared tells the story of Marty and Eli Powers, college-aged twin brothers, who discover they were granted superpowers when they were younger. “We were regular attendees at San Diego Comic-Con and wanted to think of something we could do to get on a panel,” Paul says, the younger by a minute of the two. “A comic book seemed to be the easiest way.” Of course, even the easiest course took time. They had the original idea for the story in 2011 but the first issues weren’t released until 2017.

The Kickstarter offers both digital and physical versions of all nine issues as well as timed-exclusive t-shirts and a hardcover trade of the first five issues. If someone is interested in being a named character in the next story arc, that is also one of the reward tiers. “We’d really like to make the book more self-sustaining,” says Trevor, “and we hope the Kickstarter will help us towards that end.”

In Issues 8 and 9, Marty and Eli must deal with a new villain, Professor Patricia Theorem, who can use a portal, drawn from the Napoleon Theorem, to travel undetected and do the bidding of Dr. Horatio Atlas, the main villain in the book. Dr. Atlas, a mad government scientist, believes that people who possess superpowers have the Viribus compound as a side-effect. He wants to take this compound and synthesize and weaponize it to create an army of super soldiers. But in order to harvest this compound, he needs all of the boys’ blood.

Work has already begun on future issues which should be released starting next year.

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