On Wednesday, March 15th, the latest issue of Powers Squared, “Mocha and Raven, Part 1”, will be released. Marty and Eli Powers are back and so is Billy O’Shea. Introduced in the first issue of the comic book, Billy makes a return appearance, only now he is 20 years older. Having been granted the powers of super strength and punctuality, Billy makes his living as a long-distance trucker but he’s not there to make a delivery.

“We planted a lot of Easter eggs in the first issue,” says David Hankins, one of the co-creators of Powers Squared. “We wanted to reward readers who have been with us from the beginning, so bringing Billy O’Shea back was sort of always in the plans.”

With Billy is a yatagarasu yokai, think three-taloned raven, who in her human form has adopted the name Raven. She’s the one who granted him his powers. They’ve been together all this time, and that backstory will be divulged during the three-issue story arc.

“They have a similar relationship to what Mocha has with Marty and Eli,” says Paul Hankins, another of the co-creators. “Mocha, the magical kitsune who granted Marty and Eli their powers, has her own history with Raven, hence the title, but a reunion does not promise to end well.”

Rachel Wells returns as the artist for her eleventh issue and “Mocha and Raven” marks colorist Julia Canon’s fourth issue of Powers Squared.

Like the previous issues, “Mocha and Raven” will be available in both digital and print through the following platforms:GlobalComix, Kindle, Indy Planet and Artithmeric.com. Links can be found at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/the-campus-store. Sign up for the newsletter by enrolling today at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/srcc.

Images of the cover and first pages for Issue 16 can be found here: https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/%2316-mocha-and-raven-1


About Powers Squared

Powers Squared is based in the Lake Balboa area of Van Nuys. Created by Paul, Trevor and David Hankins, there are currentlysixteen issues available. Written by David and Paul Hankins, the book is drawn by Rachel Wells and colored by Julia Canon. Trevor handles the lettering. More information can be found on their website https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com.



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