On Wednesday, October 19th, the latest issue of Powers Squared, “The Imposter Part 2”, will be released in digital and print through GlobalComix, Kindle, Indy Planet and Artithmeric.com. Links to the platforms can be found at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/the-campus-store.

In this issue, Eli, with the help of Mocha and former adversary Professor Theorem, tries to rescue Marty before he becomes a pawn in Dr. Atlas’ plans.

Created by identical twins, Paul and Trevor Hankins and their father David, Powers Squared tells the story of identical twin brothers Marty and Eli Powers, who discover on their first day at college that they had been granted superpowers by a magical kitsune when they were young. “Our idea was to tell a story about twins that wasn’t a stereotype,” says Paul. “Marty and Eli may be twins but they’re more than just one half of a whole.”

“The Imposter Part 2” wraps up two story arcs, one started in Issue #10 in “What’s in a Name? Part 1” as well as “The Imposter” from Issue #13. In Issue #10, Quincy Victoria Davidson, the editor of the campus newspaper, The Hound Dogs’ Howl, is introduced. Quincy was always good at talking people into doing things through her power of persuasion. With the viribus compound, she is now The Convincer and her goal is to break up Powers Squared for the sake of their adversary, Dr. Atlas.

She is aided in the endeavor by The Imposter, Pedro, a student who has always been good at impersonations but, thanks to the viribus compound, can transform himself to look like other people, in this case Marty. As The Imposter, Pedro has gone around campus ruining Marty’s reputation, something Quincy is blaming on Eli. But will their plans be successful?

Rachel Wells returns as the artist for her ninth issue and “The Imposter Part 2” marks colorist Julia Canon’s second issue of Powers Squared.

Images of the cover and first pages for Issue 14 can be found here: https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/issue-%23-14

About Powers Squared

Powers Squared is based in the Lake Balboa area of Van Nuys. Created by Paul, Trevor and David Hankins, there are currently fourteen issues available. Written by David and Paul Hankins, the book is drawn by Rachel Wells and colored by Julia Canon. Trevor handles the lettering. More information can be found on their website https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com.



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