On Wednesday, June 13th, Powers Squared newest book, The Imposter Part 1¸ drops on several platforms GlobalComix, Kindle, Indy Planet and Artithmeric in both digital and print.Links to the platforms can be found at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/the-campus-store.

In the story, just when relationships appear to be pulling Marty and Eli apart, someone on campus tries ruining Marty’s reputation by impersonating him. The question is who could it be?

Powers Squared, created by twins, Paul and Trevor Hankins and their father David, tells the story of identical twin brothersMarty and Eli Powers, who discover on their first day at college that they had been granted superpowers by a magical kitsune when they were young. “We conceived the idea for the book when Trevor and I noticed that whenever a series featured twins, they were usually one-off or gimmick characters and when there were twins as leads, they were usually fraternal,” says Paul.

“We’re really excited to be finally getting something new out,” says Trevor. The last Powers Squared issue, What’s in a Name? Part 3, was released last September. “We plan to follow it up with two more issues this year, Part 2 of The Imposter, and a standalone issue How They Met, which will further explore the day Marty and Eli meet Mocha, the kitsune who granted them powers.”

Rachel Wells returns as the artist for her eighth issue and The Imposter introduces colorist Julia Canon to the creative team. “After Nina Gaillard left, we searched for a new colorist and found one practically in our own backyard,” says David. “She’s been working with us for a couple of years so it’s about time we get her work out.”

In addition to the new issue, Powers Squared is also releasing some new t-shirts as well, all designed by Canon. “They’re chibis of the four main characters, Marty, Eli, Mocha and Dr. Atlas,” adds David. “Julia drew Mocha at a signing we did last September and we asked her to do the other characters as well.”Also out now, is a poster of the back cover artwork by Wells and Canon from the recent remastered trade with Artithmeric. These are also available through the Campus Store.

Images of the cover and first pages for Issue 13 can be found here: https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/issue13

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