POWER COMPANY #2 preview

Power Company are back, and scrambling to put their team back together and their fortunes aright! When we left them last, they had a team member go down at the hands of Cyborilla and Damage Inc, those nasty would-be conquerors of Professor Bizarre’s world. Mourning the loss of Victory (in more ways than one), and dealing with Spirit’s departure from their ranks to provide aid to her grandmother Danielle (who was mind controlled by Necromage) and her friend Victory, FiveStar and Professor Bizarre recruit former Guardians of the White House agents Steel Wolf and Thunder Woman to replace Victory and Spirit, and begin planning an offensive assault on Cyborilla, Necromage, Brimcoal, Abominus, Poison Arrow, Sebek, and Overcast with the assistance of the evil spirit Eden. They quickly realize that Damage Inc has grown even more powerful, with Cold Snap, Vastatrix, and Krakyn joining the ranks of an already loaded lineup of baddies! It’s a damaged psyche exhibition for Power Company in issue #2. The stakes are higher, the battles even bigger, and the adventure is sky high and growing as FiveStar, Metalmorph, Forecast, Killer Wail, Steel Wolf, Thunder Woman, Crimson Streak, and Professor Bizarre must face down an enemy even more powerful than before, and one which already has extracted immense “damage” to their ranks. How they coalesce, grow, and respond to defeat is the crux of Power Company #2, so join us for the battle of the year, and beyond, in Coalition Comics’ the Power Company Kickstarter! We’re making comics fun again!
Written by Carlos Raphael and Eric N Bennett
Art by Luis Rivera
Colors by Tristan McDonald
Lettered by Eric N Bennett
Digital $5.00
Print $10.00


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