Power Broker #1 by Unlikely Heroes Studios

TITLE: Power Broker, Issue 1

Thirty years ago, the secret to super-powered abilities was unlocked. Geneticists were hailed as heroes, as the promise of a new age of human achievement shined bright. Instead, their work was quickly commercialized, and the foundation of society buckled beneath the deluge of black-market super-powered beings. In response, a task force of professional supermen was commissioned to police the city of Potentia and neutralize this growing threat–they call themselves POWER BROKERS.

The Issue 1 Kickstarter campaign will be running from Nov. 30th until Dec. 17th, and the Kickstarter features a badass set of backer premiums for all budgets. Upon completion of the Kickstarter campaign and reward fulfillment, Power Broker will be available in both physical and digital formats at the UHS webstore https://www.uhstudios.com/ and also available digitally on Comixology, GlobalComix, DriveThru Comics, and Kindle platforms.


It is scheduled for public release in January 2022.

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