Possession Debuts Five-Year Comic Book Arc for Adults

Possession Comic released its first issue July 11, 2018. Available as a quarterly e-comic at Comixology and DriveThru Comics, with an annual bound collection from Amazon.

Possession is about mythology, and superheroes, and punk rock, and kinky sex. It’s also a soap opera with a big, sprawling cast of varied ethnicities and sexual orientations; some of them are superheroes, some of them are imaginary friends, some of them are gods and monsters from ancient mythologies. The gods of ancient Greece did not only appear in stories of fantastic comic-book violence; sometimes their stories were rich with eroticism, and sometimes the gods were only the still, small voice which subtly influenced human behavior. Possession evokes both of those types of legends, while also featuring some of the more obscure monsters and horrors that Greek mythology has to offer.

The intended audience is adult. The series is frank about sexuality, and the relationships are diverse. The main characters, Sheila and Javier, maintain a consensually polyamorous domme/sub relationship. Sheila is well enmeshed in the punk world, and the supporting cast members the Fairy Twists (led by Mei-Xing and Anaya) are an aggressive, ‘dyke punk’ riot grrl band.

Possession is a creative story that transports the reader to a place and time they wouldn’t have gone on their own which for me is what good storytelling is all about. (Reading with a Flight Ring)

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