Popular Zenescope Universe becomes Metaverse with immersive experience inside Second Life

August 20, 2021. Linden Research, Inc. (“Linden Lab”), the creator of Second Life, and comic book publisher Zenescope Entertainment, in conjunction with leading digital licensing agency, Epik, today announce they have partnered to bring the dark and twisted Grimm’s Universe to life as the Zenescope Metaverse inside Second Life.

Fans can interact with and play as some of the classic fairytale characters popularized by Zenescope’s comic books and graphic novels, acting out scenarios and following different storylines. The virtual experience features Cinderella (AKA Cindy): Serial Killer Princess — the main character of a six-issue mini-series of the same name. Also on hand are Belle: the Beast Hunter; the Mad Hatter, and the menacing Jabberwocky.

Visitors will find plenty of iconic locations and other nods to Zenescope heroes and villains, including Rockman’s Ice Cream shop from Belle’s series, and a fully-playable Goblin Golf course. The immersive world is full of games, hidden surprises, and exclusive virtual collectibles and merchandise found only in Second Life.

The Zenescope Metaverse inside Second Life features…

  • Familiar Cindy, Belle, and Mad Hatter character costumes and avatars.
  • Multiple scenarios and storylines to follow.
  • More than 50 exclusive virtual collectibles and branded merchandise items, including clothing, furnishings, and the fan-favorite Cheshire cat plushie, games and activities like the fully playable Goblin Golf and the Mad Hatter’s Hedge Maze, complete with trophies.
  • A clandestine quest, hidden locations, and other secrets.

As the largest female-driven shared universe in all of comics, with dark spins on well-known characters such as Van Helsing, Robyn Hood and Alice in Wonderland, Zenescope is an ideal partner for the Internet’s longest-running, 70M registered users-strong metaverse platform. There are numerous empowered, unpredictable, and complex personalities, stories, and locations to be realized in new ways with no limitations. Crossover similarities between the two fan bases not only include a demographic that skews toward mature females but plays to a strong interest in fantasy narratives.

“It’s such a unique and fun concept to be able to interact with or become some of one’s favorite comic book characters,” said Zenescope’s Head of Media Development, Ralph Tedeso. “To watch our universe come alive has been amazing. We’re looking forward to buildinging out more of the Zenescope metaverse with Second Life.

This marks the first time a Zenescope property has been realized inside a virtual world, and the first phase of an on-going partnership with Linden Lab that will introduce new content over time.

“We’re excited to bring some of the most beloved characters from the Zenescope universe to life in one of the Internet’s largest and most successful metaverses,” says Linden Lab executive chairman Brad Oberwager. “This is just the beginning of many exciting new brand and entertainment partner collaborations for Second Life, and we look forward to working closely to expand this virtual world partnership further with both Zenescope and Epik.”

New characters and content will be rolled out in phases throughout the year and beyond. To visit the Zenescope Metaverse inside Second Life, please visit https://second.life/zenescope.

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