So far, many online slot games have been inspired by famous pop and rock artists. These music legends include Kiss, Megadeth, Elvis, among other greats who graced the earth. You can find these games online, where you’ll get a feel of some of the most amazing pop and rock sounds. Of course, this development makes mobile casino games interesting and exciting.

Slot machines have helped immortalize many musicians. So, here are some of the pop and rock legends that look out for when playing your favorite free Konami slots or IGT online slot game.

Famed Musicians in Online Slot Games 

  • Dean Martin
  • Megadeth
  • Kiss
  • Elvis
  • The Monkees
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • MotorHead
  • Guns & Roses

Dean Martin

Many people call him the King of Cool. Other members of the band include Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis Jr. This famed actor and musician brought life to the crooner music era sound. Surprisingly, it’d be hard to find such an artist today; hence, his immortalization through the Pool Party slot game. According to Billboard, Dean Martin’s song Let It Snow is still on its chart even five decades after his death. The Pool Party relives the happiness that follows Dean Martin’s performance. This slot game indicates the inner coolness of the King of Cool. The pool theme reflects the Hollywood glitz, which was always there in Martin’s successful career.



Many believe Megadeth is the most controversial among the list of band legends. The band was created in 1983 by the famous guitarist Mustaine Dave, paving the way for many great rock artists. The Megadeth band won the hearts of many rock enthusiasts and got many Grammy nominations. Some of their greatest hits were ‘Rust in Peace’ and ‘Count Down to Extinction.’

The Megadeth slot game came into the limelight in 2012. The games feature forty pay lines, including five reels and three rows. Besides, players can bid up to $480 per spin, along with free spins and cash rewards. Some of the band’s top names appear on the slot, along with drums, guitars, picks, and amps.



Kiss is likely the most well-known rock band ever. They came into existence in the ’70s and rose into popularity. The band had a great rock sound, spectacular costumes, and face paint. Some of their typical stage performances have smoking guitars as one of their characteristics.

Also, they feature pyrotechnics, rocket shooting, and fire breathing. To date, Kiss is one of the best-selling rock bands that ever existed. And, they’ve sold more than 75 million albums, including lots of gold and platinum-selling tracks.

The branded Kiss slot came into the limelight through the WMS. And that was in 2013 with five reels and 100 pay lines. Meanwhile, WMS also replicated several band components, including real video clips from the group’s live concerts. For example, Starchild, Demon, Catman, and more appeared on the reels with their outstanding performances.

Watching them on the reels is almost like real-life entertainment. The existence of an enormous reel makes gameplay more thrilling. With multipliers, piled symbols, and free spins, this online slot game provides a maximum earning of 125,000 coins.



Elvis Presley started playing the guitar at the age of eleven. His first blow was in 1955 in the manner of the music Heartbreak Hotel. It soon followed the list of the top songs in the chart. Thus, his self-debut album became the first rock ‘n’ roll track to get to that stage in music history. Elvis Lives heeds back to his Vegas sessions. 

Recommendations to the King’s greatest blows littered the slot through the Jukebox feature. Again, it includes four hits from Elvis, such as Hound dog, and Blue Suede Shoes. The remaining ones were the Big Hunk O’ Love and Teddy Bear. For the person that brought these great hits to Vegas and the entire world, having an exclusive slot game is an ideal tribute.


The Monkees

The Monkees were created for a television satire because of how successful the Beatles were. Yet, they still went on to have a noteworthy music career. Recently, many are backing them to be inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Features of this slot game include their biggest blow, which is the daydream believer. Meanwhile, another renowned personification in conjunction with the Monkees was the double wild car.

Other characteristics in the game include the faces of the group members. Of course, they’re one of the most popular bands in music history. The general theme of this slot is a riff on the actual Monkees TV show.


Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix enrolled in the army in 1961. After that, he met his collaborator, Billy Cox. He started moving from one city to another before he created the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966. 

His debut album ‘Are you experienced’ that came out made him grow into stardom. He performed one of his best hits at Woodstock in 1969 with his band, Gypsy Sun and Rainbows. His electro music and unique record make him the perfect icon to inspire slot games.

His legacy lives on as his songs are being used, including his imagery. To this day, the singer’s performance at Woodstock is remembered for its impact on music history. Even though he was not a rock band, the music star stood alone to perform wonders. Unfortunately, his music career lasted for only four years. Yet, his legacy still lives on after his demise.


Guns N’ Roses

Another greatest band that inspired lovers of rock globally is Guns N’ Roses. Since their emergence in 1985, they have produced great songs, including ‘Welcome to the jungle,’ ‘November rain,’ Paradise city, and more. This slot game was released in 2015 by NetEnt to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary.

Firstly, the developer has numerous popular slot hits. Therefore, he was able to create a safari-themed masterpiece. One of them is the Serengeti Kings slot demo that helped iconic bands like GNR.

You’ll find a list of their popular songs that plays all through gameplay. Players receive five reels, three rows, and 20 pay lines, including numerous in-game characteristics and a 96.98% RTP. With the free spins, you can gain up to 2,000x your bet on a spin. This was a spectacular release that has met the expectations of many.



Motorhead is an English heavy metal band. They had the best music careers that ran through 40 years. Their popular song ‘Aces of Spades’ dwelled on LemmyKilmister’s way of life as a stunt gambler.


This slot was launched by NetEnt in 2016, shortly after the group scattered. It emerged as a living legacy to pay tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, who just died.


Spin With the Best Soundtracks

It is a great thing to have a slot game that is named after you. And, players enjoy slot games that depict stars and have a story to tell. Also, they enjoy exciting components that are being offered by a rock band. Spin the reels for a taste of fulfillment using the best guitar riffs. You’ll enjoy the metal vocals of the 20th century when you opt for pop and rock legends in online slot games. Comics NewsNews
So far, many online slot games have been inspired by famous pop and rock artists. These music legends include Kiss, Megadeth, Elvis, among other greats who graced the earth. You can find these games online, where you’ll get a feel of some of the most amazing pop and rock...