Poker and Superheroes: Heroes and Villains Go Head-To-Head

Heroes and Villains of the Poker World – Your Guide to the Ultimate Showdown

DC Comics and Marvel Comics have provided the world with larger than life superheroes and super villains. These characters can perform amazing feats in their daily lives, but there is something we enjoy just as much as they do: poker. Believe it or not, the iconic superheroes that we idolize on screen share our passion for poker. Well, to be fair only the astute ones have an understanding of poker and even excel at it. Most superheroes rely on brute strength to make their point, but at the poker table its strategy, skill and wit that wins out every time.


Several characters in the DC Comics and Marvel Comics universe have fashioned their careers off their poker playing exploits. Some of the most popular poker-playing characters include Iron Man, Batman, Gambit and The Thing. Everybody knows Tony Stark – the dude who makes no secret of his Iron Man alter ego. Stark is a crass, quick-witted and highly capable scientist. In fact, he would call himself a genius, brilliant and extraordinary and none of those adjectives is a stretch of the truth. There is one thing that Tony Stark is great at, and it’s poker. If you’re wondering about his poker playing prowess, check out the original Iron Man movie from 2008. Tony Stark missed out on receiving an award because he was too busy playing poker at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fancy That! Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Bat!

Batman is one of the most tormented souls of the superheroes. True, he doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities beyond his tech devices, armored vehicles and his Batman suit. A skilled martial artist and a trained killer, Batman certainly has plenty of skills. But how good is he at poker? For starters, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman is never one to walk away from a contest. If ever he were put to the test by the Joker or another villain, he would most certainly wager his last dime to protect his family name. In the ongoing war of attrition between the Batman and Joker, poker is the perfect game for these arch rivals. Bruce Wayne’s stern facial expression is the perfect poker face, but then again the Joker’s unnatural grin is deeply disturbing.

Can Gambit Hold His Own in Poker?

3Over the years, the X-Men have introduced the world to incredible superheroes and frightening villains. One of the most famous X-Men heroes is Gambit. He is a man on a mission, and is always seen holding a deck of cards. These are his weapons in the physical sense, but when he’s playing poker, he’s got pocket rockets, deuces and Jokers to power his game. One would have to assume that Gambit is the most skilled poker player of the mutants. He is somebody not to be toyed with, and it is evident in his grit and determination to succeed. Comic book fans agree that Gambit is probably the most likely to succeed at poker.

The Thing Knows Plenty about Poker

Ben Grimm is the brains of the Fantastic 4. He is also one of the strongest superheroes of them all when he is The Thing. For Ben, it’s all about playing poker. He loves a challenge, and if he can’t beat it with his mind he will pummel it with his rock-hard fists. Believe it or not, The Thing arranged a poker contest for the Marvel Universe. And what pray tell was it in aid of? His bar mitzvah – who would have thought!

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