Piczle Colors (Switch) Review

Piczle Colors for the Nintendo Switch is a very enjoyable little game that crosses Soduku with Picross and gives you a surprising amount of game for your buck. Guided by Professor Matrix, the game will ease you into it with a very nice little tutorial explaining the basics where you need to color blocks a certain color depending on the hints you are given. You will be told which colors are in each row/column along with if they are in consecutive squares or if they are spaced out and you will have to figure out which color each block gets filled in with.

It is one of those classic, “Hard to explain, easy to learn” situations that makes games like Tetris, Klax and Dr. Mario the classics that they are. I could type a thousand words explaining how to play this charming little game but I won’t for one simple reason. There is a demo already out on the Switch which will let you try out the game for free! Download the demo and give it a try and I am sure you will agree that this is another solid offering from our friends at Rainy Frog.

The game features six color packs of puzzles, broken down into progressively more difficult groupings, with 50 puzzles in each. The game gives you a lot of options to customize your experience as well. You can choose to start a puzzle with a hint to get you started (you can turn the option off completely if you are hardcore enough), there are trophies to be earned for reaching milestones along the way, a 3D model viewer for the various characters and more.

Piczle Colors

Nintendo Switch – $12 – Released 01/31/2019

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