Peter Breau talks about GHOST

Back in May Phil Latter chatted with Bradley Golden about the GHOST. Bradley Golden’s co-writer Peter Breau, had many things to share about the Ghost as well. Peter was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to chat about the Ghost just ahead of next weeks release of chapter 2.

First Comics News: How did you and Bradley get together on this project?

Peter Breau: I knew Bradley because I was already writing for his Mississippi Zombie Anthology (soon to be released by Antarctic Press). Bradley called me and we discussed working together on this project. I had read his work in Exciting Comics and knew of his upcoming Horror Comics and Leave on the Lights. To say I was honored and excited would be an understatement. I suggested bringing in PEI artist extraordinaire Arden Belfry, Bradley had seen his work and agreed. So we put together a team, shout out to Donnie Willman, Hector Negrete, Dheeraj Dkboss Kumar and as they say, the rest is history.

1st: How did you discover the Ghost?

Peter: Bradley and I discussed creating a super soldier for the AP Universe. He was a lot more familiar with the Ghost cannon than I was. We discussed how to modernize the character. The readers are gonna be amazed with Ghost. This is not your grandfather’s comic.

1st: What excited you about the character?

Peter: What excited me most about the Ghost was writing a super soldier/spy character for Antarctic Press.  He reluctantly works for a covert dark ops organization called D.R.E.D.. Like most super spies stories this one is full of intrigue and will keep you guessing and when you think you got it  BAMMM another twist and reveal. The reader is in for a thrill ride.

1st: How does your interpretation of the Ghost differ from the Golden Age version?

Peter: Our interpretation of the Ghost is that he is the grandson of the original Ghost. He has the Ghost formulation flowing through his veins and doesn’t know it.  Exciting Comics 3 shows some of his origin. Unlike the original, the modern ghost wears body armor and has the ability to bend light to make himself invisible. The ghost phase is limited due to the unknown effects the quantum entangled photons have on human cells.

1st: For the villains are you using new characters or classic adversaries?

Peter: We are adding new modernized versions of an older favorite classic villain and adding some surprise new ones and what a surprise it’s gonna be. Its gonna be big. I am excited for the readers.  We are gonna put exciting in Exciting comics.

1st: Does the Ghost fit together with the other public domain charters into a lager Antarcticverse, or are they all separate?

Peter: The Ghost and support characters and villains are all part of the Antarctiverse.  In part 1 Black Jaq another popular Antarctic Hero and Ghost are involved in a  deadly covert military mission to rescue hostages.

1st: How many chapters in the first story arc?

Peter: Our plan is for 6 parts. We are hoping that the fans love Ghost enough that we get some spin-off titles.

1st: Is the first chapter is on sale now?

Peter: Yes, chapter 1 went on sale on July 31 in Exciting comics 3. Part 2 is scheduled for release on August 28 in Exciting Comics 4.

1st: The complete story will be 24 pages?

Peter: The plan is that Ghost will be 6 parts totaling 48 pages and possibly more.

1st: Since the Ghost is part of an anthology comic, how do you judge if the Ghost is successful?

Peter: We are getting a lot of feedback now about the Ghost. Graham crackers has given us a 10/10 and other sites are giving us rave reviews. .Exciting comics is selling out everywhere. A lot of people I talk to are excited about the Ghost and asking about specific scenes in part 1. If you haven’t read part 1 do yourself a favor grab a copy.

1st: What makes the Ghost so cool, no true comic fan should miss it.

Peter: Ghost is about a young man who has to face the demons of his past by reluctantly becoming a super-soldier. It is his legacy but he doesn’t want it. His true dream is to be a musician and see his band Marley’s Ghost become successful.

Its a “sins of the father” storyline and has more twists and turns than a Saint John road(local humor, Maritimer’s will get it). Suffice to say by the time this story arc is over Jaden will have been through the “ringer” and fans will feel for him. I want to make my characters relatable as possible, with real problems and real goals. We have an amazing team and readers will get to see Arden Belfry”s interpretation of the Ghost. I have to say it is amazing. Dheeraj Dkboss Kumar dynamic colors bring the story to life, its a feast for the eyes. You won’t be disappointed.

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