Check out David Marquez’s Foil Variant Cover for SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN #1, on sale this March!


New York, NY— January 11, 2024 — This March, Peter Parker and Miles Morales join forces as true partners, teaming up on the regular for missions that require a double dose of webhead! It’s a duo better than dynamic, amazing, sensational, superior…they’re SPECTACULAR!

Written by Greg Weisman and drawn by artist Humberto Ramos, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN will mark Peter and Miles’ first ever ongoing team-up series. Weisman, known for writing the beloved animated Spectacular Spider-Man animated series and his work on Gargoyles, returns with all the web-slinging drama and adventure that madeSpectacular Spider-Man a fan-favorite series. And who better to bring these new sagas to life than one of the definitive Amazing Spider-Man artists, Spidey legend Humberto Ramos! Together, they’ll mold a rewarding mentorship between Peter and Miles as the two heroes swap intelligence and tips, combine their strength against threats, and learn from each other’s differences in age and experience. The pair’s journey kicks off with an epic run-in with the Jackal.

Like many other of Marvel’s most anticipated launches, the debut issue of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN will stand out at comic shops with a special Foil Variant Cover! Drawn by superstar artist David Marquez, the piece is a breathtaking depiction of both Spideys doing what they do best!

“I’m so thrilled to be writing Spidey again, and the fact that I get to write both Spideys, together, makes the gig doubly sweet,” Weisman shared. “It’s fun for me, because in this book, I see the younger Miles trying really hard to show his maturity to his mentor Peter, while the older Pete feels free to let out his inner 16-year-old with Miles. So there’s a bit of role reversal to the normal mentor-protege relationship than one might expect to see. But I think both Pete and Miles still feel very true to character. And when things get serious, so do our boys (quippage notwithstanding.)  What we’re seeing here is the evolution from mentor and protegee to them simply being good friends. And that change of status (in process, as it is) really interests me as a writer. Oh, and Humberto’s art is so damn gorgeous.”

Check out Marquez’s Foil Cover now and keep a lookout for more SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN news in the weeks ahead.


SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MEN #1 – 75960620746600111


Art and Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS

Foil Variant Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ – 75960620746600121

On Sale 3/6

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