Penumbra: Tide – The Mistress of Shadows in her own story!

In a world where superheroes have only recently emerged, Penumbra has always been ahead of the curve.

After appearances in Lacuna: Revelation, where she manipulated the main character into helping her, and in Blue-Shift: Frenemies, where she ended up driving away with a truckload of money, she is finally ready for her own adventure.

Penumbra has set her eyes on a particular artifact which is being guarded by a variety of other Empowered, but she feels certain that she will be able to “liberate” it from their grasp. This priceless device is of alien origin and unknown function, but it’s supposed to enhance the power level of anyone who activates it… something which our heroine will need if she wants to stay ahead of everyone else around her.

Her skills as an expert thief will be put to the test as she faces Vigilance, an Empowered who can see through the eyes of any other person, and the super-strong Monolith, who is holding a grudge from their last meeting…

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