An innovative publisher of cutting-edge concepts, Pro Se Productions announces an anthology like no other. Every writer and reader have a favorite author of classic Fiction and now interested writers may submit to MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD, a collection that will feature stories casting classic authors as heroes in action packed genre stories. This collection will feature a story by ‘A COWBOY IN CARPATHIA: A BOB HOWARD ADVENTURE” author TJ Glenn featuring Robert Howard.

“As a writer,” says Pro Se Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, “it has always intrigued me to think about the authors who influenced me as potential heroes in the types of stories they wrote. Obviously, many famous authors and not so famous as well lived exciting lives, like Hemingway, that translated to the page, but MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD gives writers the chance to cast their favorite scribe as an over-the-top Pulpy type hero. Imaginations can run wild, from casting F. Scott Fitzgerald in a murder mystery to Emily Dickinson in a space opera and, really, there’s no limit. With TJ’s “A Cowboy Cimmerian in the Squared Circle” leading the pack, the adventures in MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD may rival the featured authors’ own tales!”

Stories for MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD may be set in any genre but MUST feature an author as the protagonist. Authors featured in these stories must be deceased and must have passed at least 25 years ago. Also, stories must be set at least initially in the period in which the author lived. If it is a time travel story or something similar, then the travel/change must take place within the story. Also, the author must at least be on Earth when the series starts. Any travel to another planet, dimension, or plane must take place within the story.

Interested writers should write a detailed proposal for a single 8 to 10,000-word story and email it to If the proposal is accepted, the story will be due within 90 days of acceptance. With that being said, the volume WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED FOR EDITING OR SCHEDULED FOR PUBLISHING until the volume is full based on number of accepted proposals, not completed stories. Payment will be royalty based.

Contact Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, at

editorinchief@prose-press.comAn innovative publisher of cutting-edge with any questions.

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