Are you exhausted by the dark, gritty, and cynical deconstruction of Superheroes in modern mainstream comics? Do you long for the days of noble, kind, and selfless heroes?

I aim to tell the story of one such hero. An uplifting, genuine and sincere story about a true Superhero. Stories with action and adventure. Stories with drama, pathos, but also with levity, comedy, and lighthearted touch. The stakes will be high at times, but overall this is a fun comic book.

Paragon Prime is a tribute to old-fashioned superhero comics of the Silver Age. In a world where shining heroes of justice are falling prey to mainstream entertainment’s greed and a general trend toward dark antiheroes,

With Paragon Prime I’m not reinventing the wheel so to speak, but my simple goal is to tell the kinds of stories that DC & MARVEL have forgotten to tell with these kinds of heroes. The kind of hero boys can look up to again: a hero with the strength and heart of Superman paired with the loyalty and patriotism of Captain America.

The primary demographic for Paragon Prime is Boys ages 9+ I feel there is a severe lack of positive masculine heroic representation in most of our modern-day Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action-Adventure entertainment. There is a subversion of masculinity happening in mainstream entertainment that I feel will affect future generations of men in a negative way and while I might not be able to effect any real change in the culture war I can at least do my part in ensuring that Boys have a noble, selfless and masculine Heroic ideal to look up to and be inspired by.

There is a whole generation of people who are growing up with the wrong ideas of these characters. I want to remind people what these characters once stood for. I’m not trying to be super original. I just want to tell the kinds of stories I used to love. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea that’s fine, but I know plenty of people who are starved for this kind of story myself included & THAT’S who this is for.

Paragon Prime is a classic superhero whose humble beginnings remind us it’s not the size of a man’s muscles that makes him a hero but by the qualities of his unwavering heart.


Story by Ronald Christian
Art by Facundo Moyano

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