Overwatch “Year Of The Ox” Event Has Begun

Every year Overwatch has had a Lunar New year event, this year is no different. This year the hero shooter is celebrating the Year of the Ox. Once again the game offers new skins, sprays, emotes, and a new challenge mode; along with goodies from previous Lunar New Year events.

Returning along with the usual goodies is the “Capture The Flag Blitz”  mode where the game of Capture The Flag is taken to another level with the flags being placed closer and requiring 6 captures instead of 3. New this year is the “Bounty Hunter” mode. Playing almost like a game of Tag, the first player who gets a kill become the hunted target. After each new “target” is killed the person who got the kill then becomes the hunted.

Three weekly 9 game challenges also await players. For this event players can unlock a new icon, spray, and epic skin by winning 3, 6, and 9 games respectively. For this event challenges will unlock new items for Baptiste, McCree, and Reaper.

The Year of the Ox event runs through February 25th. To check out all the event has to offer check out the video below:



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