Overwatch League 2019 MVP Skin Revelaed

The Overwatch League has revealed their legendary skin for the league’s 2019 MVP Sinatraa, formerly of the World Champion San Francisco Shock.

2018’s MVP Jjonak, of the New York Excelsior, was the first to have a legendary skin. It was a skin for Zenyatta that had an octopus theme, which was a reference to his original in-game name and a tattoo that he has on his arm.

This year’s skin will have an alien theme for Sinatraa, going back to running jokes that he may in fact be an alien. A teaser was released previously to hype up the skin’s release. The reveal video can be viewed here:


Before the skin’s release, Sinatraa retired from Overwatch competition mid-season to play new hero shooter Valorant professionally.

Tokens to purchase the skin can be achieved by viewing Overwatch League games on the league’s website and through the app. Five tokens are earned for every hour watched. Sinatraa’s “Alien” skin will be available for purchase from June 16 to June 30.


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