Overwatch Hero 28 Revealed

After much speculation, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the newest hero for Overwatch.  The 28th hero has been revealed as Wrecking Ball, aka Hammond.

Having tagged along behind Winston when he escaped from Horizon Lunar Colony, the intelligent hamster found his way into Junkertown.  There he went from contender to champion in his self-built mech.  Now he has left Junkertown and roams the planet for more adventures.

Wrecking Ball’s primary weapon are a pair of quad cannons.  His other abilites include rolling into a ball for speed, personal shields, a grappling claw, and the ability to damage enemies by slamming his mech into the ground and launching then upward.  Wrecking Ball’s ultimate ability enables him to deploy a minefield.

Wrecking Ball/Hammond is currently available to play in the Overwatch PTR (public test region).  A public release has not been announced yet.

Official developer update with Jeff Kaplan regarding Wrecking Ball:

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