Overwatch 2021 Summer Games Event Underway

With certain Summer Games getting ready to start in our world, Blizzard has begun their own in the digital world. The Overwatch 2021 Summer Games event is now underway.  Offering new skins, emotes, intros, sprays there and the return of a fan favorite mode; there is plenty to shoot for.

On top of new Summer and sport themed epic skins for Symmetra, Ashe, Orisa, Mei and Sigma; three weekly challenges await as well. Players each week can unlock new items for Winston, Pharah, and Hanzo. The weekly icon, spray, and skins can be unlocked by playing 9, 18, and 27 games respectively (with a win counting as 2 games).


Fan favorite mode “Lucioball” returns for the Summer Games as well, as well as the “Remix” version. In “Lucioball” players control Lucio in a fast paced futuristic version of soccer. In “Lucioball Remix” two balls are used with bonus balls spawning periodically.

The Overwatch 2021 Summer Games event runs until August 10. To check out everything in store check out the trailer below:


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