Overwatch 2020 “Summer Games” Event Now Underway

The Olympics may not be happening this year, but Overwatch carries on with their annual Summer Games event.  This is most likely the last summer event for the hero shooter’s original game before the release of the anticipated Overwatch 2; due out late 2020/early 2021.

With the games comes the fan favorite mode, Lucio Ball. While the original mode is there a new “remix” mode has been added. In this new mode, two balls are in play with a third periodically dropping in play for bonus points.

The “remix” is not the only addition though. The Busan Stadium and Sydney Harbour Arena have had added a couple things to add to the challenge.

It wouldn’t be a event without new character items. Skins, sprays, emotes, intros, and icons from previous Summer Games events have been brought back along with new ones to grab in loot boxes. There are also three weekly challenges with more items for Tracer, Bastion, and Orisa. The event runs from August 4-25.

To see all that is in store check out the video below:


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