Original or Extra Crispy? … KFC: Crisis of Infinite Colonels

KFC: Crisis of Infinite Colonels Cover
KFC: Crisis of Infinite Colonels Cover

DC Comics (have we all gotten over the fact that we say Detective Comics Comics yet when we say “DC Comics”?) and Kentucky Fried Chicken have partnered up again to produce another KFC promotional comic book. The first installment, Colonel of Two Worlds, had the Colonel team-up with the Flash and meet his alternate Earth-3 counterpart. Well, Earth-3’s Colonel Sunder is up to no good again but this time he has a partner.

In this 16-page story Earth-3’s Colonel Sunder is upset by Earth-1’s Colonel Sanders’ “Doing things the hard way” creed and the secret of KFC’s success. After hatching his nefarious plot all the remaining Colonel’s throughout the Multiverse find they can each only remember one of the 11 secret ingredients the KFC Original Recipe secret. Enlisting the aid of the gender swapped Earth-11’s Colonel and The Flash our Colonel embarks on a cross universe trek to find the other ingredients. What follows is a exploration of nine more Elseworlds-like versions of The Colonel and The Flash. Each encounter rebuilding the lost Secret Recipe. I won’t spoil the surprise guest villain but lets just say it builds on a grand villain tradition at DC Comics.

KFC: Crisis of Infinite Colonels Interior Page
KFC: Crisis of Infinite Colonels Interior Page

And that is what is at the core of this promotional comic, well, not really. The core is to sell fried chicken. But it is done by pulling at the nostalgic strings DC fans are currently embracing with DC Rebirth. As a result, the story is actually quite good and a whack of fun. Tony Bedard’s script is funny and corny all in the right proportions just like the Colonel’s eleven herbs and spices. His call back to the 1970’s Superman II movie was brilliant and made me chortle. Art is great by Tom Derenick on pencils and Trevor Scott on inks. The various versions of the Colonel are drawn in a variety of styles to great effect.

So if you are feeling a bit nostalgic for Hostess comic book ads or Zellers Batman comics you should enjoy this little comic that tries not to take itself very seriously. Heck, even the letters page is brilliant. But if you are a more jaded individual you will see this as just a marketing stunt that can be easily ignored. My personal gripe with this promotion is that the comic is only available digitally. I’d have loved to have put a physical copy in my collection.

Grab it on Comixology at https://www.comixology.com/KFC-The-Colonel-Corps-2016/digital-comic/393832

Title: KFC: Crisis of Infinite Colonels | Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Tony Bedard | Artist: Tom Derenick & Trevor Scott
Price: free

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