Order Up! Second Sight Publishing signs comic title, “Atlas Rising” by American professional eater Randy Santel

Second Sight Publishing is continuing its stance of delivering diverse and unique stories to the comic book industry with its signing of Randy Santel, the YouTube sensation who has conquered hundreds of food competitions around the world, and his comic book, “Atlas Rising” onto their growing label.

“This was a very great signing for us”, CEO Bradley Golden states. “This title will open up a whole new demographic for the company, much like the recent signing of Sam Mccandless and his children’s book. This signing further shows Second Sight Publishing’s commitment to bringing independent creators from all walks of life to the forefront and is indeed a home for diverse and strange ideas.”

Atlas Rising #1 follows Randy Santel and his buddy Zach as he takes on the world famous Lucido’s Ninety Second Nine Burrito challenge in hopes of winning a sweet t-shirt and a spot on their wall of fame, and ends up tangling with a team of bank robbers fresh off their latest heist. Has Atlas bitten off more than he can chew?

Atlas Rising #1 is slated for release first quarter of 2022.

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