Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer and Dawn Attack are the first titles to make the leap

As they enter their second year of print publication, dynamic new publisher Opus Comics expand their efforts into the digital comics space with the burgeoning GlobalComix platform. The highly anticipated launch takes place on Thursday, February 9, in honor of what would have been Frank Frazetta’s 82nd birthday.

The first two titles to make their GlobalComix debut are Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer and Frank Frazetta’s Dawn Attack, which are the flagship of Opus Comics’ wider FrazettaVerse. Readers will be able to enjoy issue #1 of both titles for free, as a way of welcoming them to the platform, then purchase Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer issues #2, 3 and 4 for $3.99 each.

Subsequent issues of each title will be released every two weeks until they catch up with the current print run, then follow alongside the print schedule thereafter. Other Opus Comics titles such as Bill & Ted and Eternal Descent will join the platform over the coming weeks.

“We were always keen to make the leap to digital,” says Executive Editor Denton J. Tipton, “we just needed to find the right partner. The team at GlobalComix have proven to be that partner, so we’re looking forward to exploring this exciting new collaboration. For those who have been waiting to leap into our FrazettaVerse, or somehow missed the initial launch, here’s your chance to get on board.”

Written by acclaimed animation writer Mitch Iverson (DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Voltron: Legendary Defender) and rendered by renowned artist Stefano Martino (Stranger Things, Doctor Who), with colorist Luis Antonio Delgado and letterer Jacob Bascle, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer takes readers on an epic adventure through the worlds of Frazetta, introducing them to extraordinary characters and places envisioned by the “Godfather of fantasy art.”

“I am personally thrilled to welcome Opus Comics on GlobalComix,” adds GlobalComix CEO Christopher Carter. “Within the industry, they have carved out a niche and delivered time and again nothing but the highest quality work to their audience. And to be able to kick off by bringing new readers to the legacy that is Frank Frazetta is nothing short of an honor.”

Meanwhile, the FrazettaVerse continues to grow in print as well, with FrazettaVerse #0 arriving in stores for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 6. This exciting new comic features a brand new Death Dealer story, along with a preview of the upcoming Frank Frazetta’s Mothman series, which is solicited in the March 2023 edition of Diamond PREVIEWS for May release.

From 1966 to 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, several witnesses reported seeing a man-sized, winged creature with glowing red eyes. Circa 1980, Frank Frazetta painted his iconic work, Mothman. Now you will learn the truth—and it’s weird. Emmy nominee Tim Hedrick (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and artist Andrea Mutti (British Paranormal Society) bring you the next expansion of the FrazettaVerse! Issue #1 comes with two main covers – a new version by series artist Andrea Mutti, alongside the classic Mothman painting by Frank Frazetta.

You can start to find Opus Comics’ digital comics offerings on the GlobalComix platform from Thursday, February 9, and continue to follow their print adventures in your local comic shop.

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