There are so many different rumors out there about casinos and slot machines that either make players addicted or push them away. If you’re interested in slot games you can play some over at or read through our article to find out which of the myths of slots we know to be true.

Slot Machines are fixed in favor of the casino

This very common line is just partly true. Of course, the casinos are in the business for making money, and that’s what they do indeed. However, people get the wrong idea and think that casinos decide on the spot when to reward a player and they just give them something to keep betting and losing more money.

However, things are quite different. There is a Random Number Generator which dictates randomly through a program which symbols will come up. There is even a chance to win two jackpots in the row if you are lucky. However, the payout rate is always set in favor of the casino, ranging from 70% to 99.9%, so eventually, the casino makes more money the players.

Slot Machines are due to pay a jackpot

This myth is 100% a myth and only harmful to players who keep playing even when they are neither enjoying the game nor have spare money. As we mentioned above there is an RNG which is dictating what numbers are going to come up.

Beginners luck

Personally, when I entered a casino for the first time in my life, I lost in just a few minutes. As one can easily guess ‘Beginners luck’ is a myth as well, but one that can be explained quite logically.

When people are not experienced even the smallest win will make them excited, so they idealize such memories and narrate them to others with a lot of excitement resulting in rumors like this being believed by so many people.


People used to believe that if they pulled the lever of the slot machine in a particular way they would make it pay out. This was a widespread belief for many years in the past decades, but one that was not actually true.

The only truth that can be extracted from this is that slot machines with the lever are much slower than those with the button, thus, by taking into account the RTP, if a player bets faster he is more likely to lose more money.

You can’t improve your chances of winning

To finish this article on a positive note, yes there are. You can decide which slot games to play, which means that you can find one with a pretty high RTP or one with normal instead of a progressive jackpot. Also, keep in mind that the games that have many video bonus features almost always have a lower payback rate than the classic, old-school ones.

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