Gambling has been a well-liked activity in Canada from the time when the settlers first introduced it to the land. All over the progress of the country and its provinces, Canada has tried to give the freedom to gamble to its citizens. This has allowed the growth of the whole thing from land-based casinos to today’s online gaming trend, with government-sponsored websites even joining the popular trend.

Our online Canadian casino guide comprises everything a Canadian gambling fan needs to know, including legislation, online casino options, and a glossary of gaming terms.

About Legal Gambling in Canada

Gambling in Canada started as far back as the natives, with evidence of using sticks for betting and games. After John Cabot’s voyage to the Canadian shores in 1497, playing cards were introduced, which brought about early sides of games like faro and developed into poker and blackjack. Dice and games like barbotte also became favorites of Canadians through the years and the progression of gaming.

Even if always allowed, gambling lastly came under some government analysis in the late 1800s but only to limit to some extent and legalize. As the citizens continued to insist their freedom to play games, laws progressed as well. By 1970, the government decided to leave those decisions to individual provinces, and that has allowed most Canadians to build and common land-based casinos as they saw fit. Nowadays, verdicts about online gambling are generally left to the players themselves, with provinces stepping in for the occasional regulatory oversight and participation in the industry.

Who Regulates The Canadian Gaming Industry?

The Canadian Gaming Commission regulates the gaming industry as a whole in Canada, providing information and taking action to any serious issues that occur. The organization communicates with the public, government, and media to make sure that the industry is understood correctly and kept in view. Laws pertaining to casinos, online gaming, sports betting, and other similar gaming activities are performed and enforced by individual provinces.

Canadian Player Information

Whether Canadian players are interested in online gambling or live poker, they are free to do what they gratify with no consequence from their government. In fact, Canada has gained such a status as being friendly to gamblers that many online poker players who were deprived of the ability to access most international online gaming sites from the United States have moved to Canada over the past few years. The latter has become one of the fastest growing online poker markets in the world.

Since provinces provide their own laws with regards to online gambling, some allow players to start at age 18, while others don’t allow gambling until a person turns 19. Provinces are also opening their own online gambling sites to get some of the income benefits and an offering to opponent the international sites. Those are only alternatives and provinces have stayed away from instituting major limits on players or keeping out them from choosing which site to play.

Popular Games in Canada

In spite of having worse odds than nearly all table games, slots are simply the most popular game in Canada. That includes traditional 3-reel slots and the more involved 5-reel slots that let you play a hundred lines or more at a time. Blackjack is also pretty popular since the rules are simple and the odds are generally good. Sports betting is also booming right now.

Secure Online Play for Canadians

While there is no Canadian-wide legislation to legalize online gambling for its citizens, the ability of each province to expand its own regulations helps in that arena. It is best for Canadian players to only gamble with international companies that have solid reputations and are properly certified.

Companies like eCOGRA are essential in the regulation of international online gambling operations. They regularly audit companies and ensure that they are operating in a fair and lawful manner. Organizations that offer licenses to said companies also perform audits and keep an eye on them to protect clients.

Responsible Gaming Resources for Canadians

The Canadian Gaming Association is dedicated to protecting Canadians and providing a number of resources for responsible gaming. In addition to providing research and tools for players, there are ways to get help if the player or a friend or family member suspects a problem or need.

Also, Gamblers anonymous offer resources such as meetings, emails, and phone numbers to contact in various Canadian provinces for help for oneself or another player.

Benefits of Gambling Online in Canada

The most general reason that players in CA choose to use online gambling sites rather than land-based casinos, is convenience. Here are just a few of the infinite online casino advantages in Canada:

  • Right to use a better selection of games with great payouts than traditional casinos
  • Enjoy slots, sports betting, poker and table games from anywhere in Canada
  • No need to dress up, go out, travel far, or spend time waiting for your turn
  • Play on any device including desktops, laptops, smart-phones, and tablets
  • Online casinos and internet poker rooms are the cure to nasty Canadian winters

So, what are you waiting for? Find great legal Canadian online gambling websites. Find a great real-money CA bonus that works for you, then sign up for an account. Some sites will even allow you to try their games for free first.

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