Eric Powell talks about DEVIL DINOSAUR

eric-powellDevil Dinosaur has been a favorite of pros for years. He is a Jack Kirby creation that originally only lasted 9 issues. But has found a home in the mainstream Marvel Universe ever since. He has had adventures with Spider-Man, the X-Men, Ghost Rider, the New Warriors, the Thing, Godzilla and even appeared in the first issue of Beavis & Butt-Head.

This Wednesday, Eric Powell will bring back Devil Dinosaur in his own one shot where he will go one on one with the Incredible Hulk. Eric talked to us about Devil Dinosaur.

First Comics News: Are you a fan of the 50’s Kirby Monsters?

Eric Powell: Oh, yeah. I love that stuff. Anyone who has seen my book The Goon will probably see that.

1st: What attracted you to Devil Dinosaur?

Eric: I think it’s one of Kirby’s wackiest creations. A giant red t-rex with a little monkey on it’s back. My co-plotter, Tom Sniegoski, and I couldn’t resist.

1st: What made this the right time to bring back Devil Dinosaur?

Eric: That’s a question to ask Marvel. They made the initial contact with me about doing a Devil Dino book.

1st: After the original series, he was moved into the modern Marvel Universe and placed in the Savage Land, He has been interacting with the Marvel heroes ever since. Why place this story in the prehistoric past instead of the present?

Eric: That’s where Kirby’s issues took place. This book is nothing if not a giant fan letter to Kirby.

1st: The Hulk has been through many different incarnations, from dumb to intelligent, from monster to hero. Which Hulk are you using in this story?

Eric: Dumb 70’s Hulk. My favorite version probably because that’s the one I grew up with.

1st: Why does the Hulk care about the Killer Folk’s struggle with the Small folk?

Eric: He’s being manipulated. Read the book and find out the rest.

1st: In 1987 Marvel gave Devil Dinosaur his own one shot. What are the fans going to see this time around that they didn’t see in 1987?

Eric: I can’t speak for the ’87 comic. I’ve never seen it. But this comic fills the big stupid fun void in today’s mainstream comic selections.

1st: Is this a serious monster story in the 50’s tradition or is this a humorous story?

Eric: This book is a big fun monster fight. That’s the best description I can give you.

1st: If the comic does well, would you be willing to continue with Devil, or is this a one time deal for you?

Eric: I’m pretty busy with The Goon right now. But if they wanted to continue, co-writing with Tom and covers wouldn’t be out of the question.

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