The Follow Up to the Eisner Award-Nominated Graphic Novel Launches a Campaign Today

LOS ANGELES 06/20/2023 — Today Skybound launched the Kickstarter campaign for Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings, a collection of fan-favorite Mr. Lovenstein comics by webcomics superstar J.L. Westover that celebrates feelings in all forms. He helped us accept our failures in the Eisner Award-nominated OGN Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure, and now he’s going to help us feel our feelings.


The campaign is live on Kickstarter now.


Superstar cartoonist J.L. Westover is back, bringing a brand-new hardcover collection with over 200 pages of the most popular, print-exclusive Mr. Lovenstein comics guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, or both!

The Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings Kickstarter campaign includes 12 new book-exclusive comics by J.L. Westover, with additional guest comics from webcomics fan-favorites: Extra Fabulous, Litterbox Comics, The Other End, and more!


“Two years ago, we celebrated FAILURE. Now I’m back to get us in touch with our FEELINGS,” said Westover. “I assembled a collection of my funniest comics with ALL the feels. Prepare yourself for the biggest mood the world has even seen.”


The campaign also exclusively presents tiered access to the companion 160-page FEELINGS journal, and Mr. Lovestein merch sure to get you in your feels, including a handkerchief and a happy/sad coin. Previous backers and mailing list members who give a physical pledge will be excited to receive their free Walkin’ Buds Club pin, inspired by one of Lovenstein’s most popular comics, as a token of their unwavering support.

“Mr. Lovenstein is one of the best webcomics on the planet, and this book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster!” said Alex Antone, Editorial Director at Skybound.

This is the second crowdfunding campaign partnership between Skybound and J.L. Westover. The very successful Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure Kickstarter campaign in April 2021, earned $225,000, making it a top 10 webcomics graphic novel campaign of all-time. Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings joins a record-breaking slate of graphic novel campaigns from the company that have elevated a diverse group of voices, including Ava’s Demon Book One, Ava’s Demon Book Two, Excellence, and The Extra Fabulous Experience.


Previous backers and mailing list members who gave a physical pledge will be happy to receive a free Walkin’ Buds Club pin.

Additional Rewards For Pledgers

Sip on something hot when you’re feeling hot and/or bothered.

Put The “ass” in sass with the Sassy Enamel Animal Pin Set.

Confuse your friends (and yourself) with Mr. Lovenstein Presents: No Context Tabletop Game.

Record your deepest FEELINGS in the hardcover Mr. Lovenstein Presents: FEELINGS Journal. It’s not waterproof, so try not to cry in it.

Wipe away your tears of joy with a FEELINGS handkerchief.

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