Omaha Perez talks about DRUDE 2: LOST ANGELES

Our friend Omaha Perez in bring Drude back to comic book shops this April and the new Drude OGN, The Drude: Lost Angeles is in Previews now! Omaha was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to let our readers know what to expect from the new series.

First Comics News: Do new readers have to have read The Drude: Hanging Out and Hung Up On the Line, to know what’s going on in The Drude: Lost Angeles?

Omaha Perez:  No, absolutely not! LOST ANGELES was written as a stand-alone, no prior knowledge of THE DRUDE required! Of course, for those who have read Volume 1, there are some familiar elements – namely the Reptilians and Crowley. This incarnation of Crowley is drunk with power and completely out of control. Even the Reptilians fear him.

1st: Who is Boris Drude?

Omaha: Boris is a 40-year-old underground rock legend. Cool, but it’s not very lucrative. To his chagrin, most of his remaining fans seem to be other middle aged men. He smokes too much pot in order to cope with what he alone sees – the Reptilians among us and other Weirdness. Understandably, from time to time he questions his sanity and the nature of reality.

1st: What is the Illuminati?

Omaha: Why, the secret organization of elites who really run the world, of course! Naturally, the Reptilians have infiltrated the group on the outside chance they really do wield power.

1st: What is the Illuminati’s connection with Satan?

Omaha: You’re talking about the Summoning scene. They’re not calling on Satan specifically, in fact, it’s more a ritualistic thing. They are quite shocked that an Entity actually appears. Boy, are they in over their heads!

1st: Who is Aleister Crowley?

Omaha: This incarnation of Crowley, alive and kicking in the modern world, delights in chaos and mischief. His carnal hedonistic ways are amplified exponentially. He is literally The Great Beast.

1st: Are Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and Pope Francis all lizard people?

Omaha: Not Oprah! But the Pope and Mr. Dump, most definitely.

1st: Who are the interdimensional lizard people?

Omaha: The Reptilian Aliens have insinuated themselves into all walks of life on our Earthly plane, the better to sow disharmony and chaos. They feed on negative emotions, in addition to human blood (which maintains the illusion of their human guises.)

1st: Where does the concept of the Illuminati and the interdimensional lizard people come from?

Omaha: Most say the original Illuminati dates back to 1776, the Bavarian Illuminati. People really buy into the idea of a Secret Society that truly runs the world. The Reptilians have been tormenting humanity from the very beginning. Boris points to the Snake in the Garden of Eden – Reptilian!

1st: How can Boris see the interdimensional lizard peoples true form?

Omaha: If you pay attention, that’s explained at the end of v1, so I don’t want to spoil that for those who haven’t yet read the first book.

1st: How is Rick Rubin connected to the story?

Omaha: He’s a potential Producer and Patron for Boris’s re-formed punk group The Sub-Drudes.

1st: Who is the second Boris Drude?

Omaha: In the script, I referred to him as Other Boris. He is Boris if he had taken a different path. Other Boris is a family man with a straight job, wife and kids, a nice suburban home, and nice cars. His world is far from perfect though – he’s overweight, his wife and kids are assholes – he’s ripe for an existential crisis.

1st: What is the connection between the two Boris Drudes?

Omaha: They are literally the same person, having taken divergent paths. Normal rules of reality don’t exist in Boris’s vicinity. He bumps into his Other self on the street. They look familiar to each other but neither of them get it.

1st: What makes Aleister Crowley decide to go “Freaky Friday” on the two Boris Drudes?

Omaha: Crowley witnesses the two express envy for each others lives so with a twinkle in his eye he says, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Wham-o! They wake up in each others lives confused and disoriented.

1st: How does Boris end up in High School with his kids?

Omaha: That’s a nightmare Boris has while living Other’s life – based on a recurring nightmare I had for years. I would find myself back in high school decades into adult life, it having been discovered I hadn’t completed all required classes or some such. It was always such a relief to wake up from that!

1st: What is Drude’s connection to the Beatles?

Omaha: As Boris is trapped in Other’s life, the ghost of John Lennon visits him and tells the tale of “four young Be-At-Alls and an evil Lizard Man.”

1st: Was Mark David Chapman a lizard person?

Omaha: “Brain-addled pawn of the Lizard Men.”

1st: You have Sex, Drugs, Rock “n” Roll, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Pope Francis and the Beatles in this comic. Is the thinking everyone has to love this, everyone will be offended by this or no one will be able to put this down because who knows what will happen next?

Omaha: The latter, I hope!

1st: For anyone on the fence about this comic, what makes The Drude: Lost Angeles? so cool no true comic fan should miss it?

Omaha: I don’t target comic fans, I’m looking for Readers. I understand my weird 180-page graphic novel is not for everyone. I suspect most consumers of Marvel’s or DC’s latest “event” won’t give my book a second glance. But whether you are a regular comics reader or not, if like myself, you are a music geek, a reader of prose fiction, a fan of cinema – I think you’ll enjoy the ride!


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