Okay, Okay…We’ll Tell You More About The Sixth FINAL FIVE Comic! Just Stop Sending All Those Emails!!

Ooowee, we really stirred up a hornets nest with that last email!

If you tried to drown us in emails to get us to talk, consider your war on BAD IDEA’s inbox a raging success. You want answers to questions? Fine. Here’s what little more we can say right now:

Yes, there kinda, sorta is a sixth FINAL FIVE comic.

No, it will not be widely available.

Yes, a copy was brought to San Diego Special Edition, Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2 for some high muckety-muck meetings.

No, it was not available to read.

Yes, because the rumors are true and every copy of the sixth FINAL FIVE comic has been encapsulated by CGC.

No, we’ll have you know there was, in fact, a very good reason to encapsulate them.

Yes, it was because we thought people would lose them otherwise.

No, it doesn’t matter if we think people are idiots or not, they would lose them because they are invisible. Except for the staples.

Yes, invisible.

No, not the staples.

Again, yes, we did actually invent invisibility. Here’s what happened — the genius duo of Robert Venditti and Tomas Giorello put together a banger of a story. Such a banger, in fact, that the geniuses at BAD IDEA Labs wanted to put a huge spotlight on the book. They devised a gimmick so earth-shattering, so game-changing, that it would turn the heads of every single comic book reader in the entire world. They invented the invisible comic.

The knuckleheads at BAD IDEA Labs then lost almost the entire damn run! In their defense, the comics are invisible. Thank goodness they invented the invisible comic book and not the invisible staple. After weeks of searching, we managed to locate just 34 solitary copies. The rest, we’re afraid, are lost for good. To ensure we don’t lose them again, we immediately brought the 34 copies to the amazing people at CGC for grading and encapsulation.

Very soon, five of you lucky BAD IDEA email subscribers will get a chance to own your very own CGC graded invisible comic. Stay close to your inbox for the rest of the year. We will be sending purchasing details via email at some point before the stroke of midnight PST on December 31st. The first five fans who send us a specific and considerable amount of money will get a CGC graded invisible comic. You will not be given advance notice and speed will be of the essence. We can tell you that the email will come at the most inopportune and inconvenient time, so be vigilant. Good luck!


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