Oh, Canada. When you think of Canadian superheroes, people tend to name Wolverine, Deadpool, and Alpha Flight. However, they are American superheroes presented as Canadian. However, Canada has a rich history of superheroes all their own.

Captain Canada
Daniel Eaton is selected by Captain Newfoundland (a.k.a. Captain Atlantis and Samadhi) to become Canada’s national superhero, Captain Canada. Eaton is given a powerful costume and is then, through encounters with various superheroes and goddesses, taught about the many levels of consciousness and sources of mental power.
First Appearance: Captain Newfoundland No. 1

Captain Canuck
While camping with a group of Boy Scouts, Canadian International Security Organization (CISO) officer Tom Evans awakes in the middle of the night and finds that the boys are missing. Evans discovers that the kids are being controlled by a group of aliens. Evans himself is seized by the aliens and exposed to Zeta rays. Neither Evans nor the boys are left with any memory of their close encounter, other than, in the case of Evans, a nagging dream-like recollection. However, the boys are actually still in the aliens’ control, while Evan’s exposure to Zeta rays has left him with twice his normal strength and speed. CISO decides to transform Evans into both a symbol of CISO power and authority and a showpiece for Canada by providing him with a costume and the code name Captain Canuck.
First Appearance: Captain Canuck #1

Captain Newfoundland
Captain Newfoundland’s species came to Earth several millennia in the past, teaching the Egyptians how to build the pyramids and the Indians how to become one with the universe. As a side note, this ancient alien explanation for religious beliefs and advanced technology was popular amongst new age practitioners in the 1970s due to the works of Erich von Däniken. In the narrative, these extra-terrestrials founded their own civilization on a continent that existed somewhere between North America and Europe, only for much of the continent to be destroyed over time. The kingdom they formed was Atlantis and its only surviving landmass was its tip—present day Newfoundland. Known to pay online casino canada real money . Captain Atlantis takes on the moniker Captain Newfoundland in the present day.
First Appearance: The Newfoundland Herald

Fleur de Lys
Martial arts expert Manon Deschamps assumed the costumed identity of Fleur de Lys, operating in real Montreal area locations, and joined forces with Northguard, New Triumph’s featured hero. Although not the product of a world war, she, too, served to protect Canada–this time from a threatened takeover by a tight-wing evangelical group and from organized crime. Her Catwoman-like super hero costume is blue and white and emblazoned with one French canadian fleur-de-lys on her forehead and two more on her body. She carries a nonlethal weapon shaped like a fleur-de-lys that protects her by producing bright flashes of light.
First Appearance: New Triumph #3

Nelvana is the daughter of a mortal woman and Koliak the Mighty, King of the Northern Lights. Koliak’s marriage to Nelvana’s mother so angered the gods that he is no longer visible, although his spirit is manifested in the form of lights – the Northern Lights. Both Nelvana and her brother Tanero protect the people of the North with the assistance of Koliak.
First Appearance: Triumph Comics No. 31

Northern Light
Ian Davis, a prize-winning architect, spurns modernist architecture and decides to leave the city and go back to the land, moving with his wife and son to a remote wilderness. A group of aliens, led by Naxor, capture the family and perform terrible experiments on them, murdering Davis’ wife and son. Before Davis can be killed or abducted, he is rescued by the Canadian security agency Alert. Davis soon discovers that the experiments conducted on him have left him with super-powers and he adopts the identity of the Northern Light.
First Appearance: Orb Nos. 2

The Vaudreuil-based multinational Progressive Allied Canadian Technologies (PACT) has developed a revolutionary cybernetic personal-weapons system called the Uniband, which gives an individual the firepower of an army battalion. The Uniband is to be operated by a PACT agent named Karl Manning, but before the weapon can be fully tested, Manning is killed in an airplane explosion engineered by the ominous right-wing evangelical organization ManDes. PACT searches through Montreal-area medical records looking for brainwave-pattern records that are similar to those of Manning. They find a close match in those belonging to a young man named Phillip Wise. Wise is taken to PACT headquarters in Vaudreuil and is told about the Uniband and about imminent threats to the Canadian nation from the mysterious ManDes organization. Wise, a comic book fan (and aware of the Canadian national superhero tradition), decides to work with PACT, but only on the condition that he can operate the Uniband as a superhero – Northguard. PACT’s leadership is divided on Wise’s request but finally relents, and Northguard is born.
First Appearance: New Triumph Featuring Northguard Nos. 1

While these are not the only Canadian superheroes they are some of the more important Canadian heroes that American comic book fans have probably never heard of before.

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