Offline vs Online slot: Pay-outs, RTPs and experience 

We are now used to online casinos like We just need a device that can go on the internet to access one of the games they offer. Easy peasy. All this wasn’t that common just a few decades ago. Actually, it wasn’t common at all. For the players who wanted to spend some time playing, there was no other chance than going to a Playroom or a Casino. 

Offline slot machines 

What do we mean by offline slot? Well, let’s start by the device on which the software runs. A sort of computer made on purpose to support the game in all its parts and maximize its performance. The peripherals are in most cases, just a screen, the speakers and a key-console. These machines can be found at playrooms or physical casinos. Players can make their deposits by simply drawing money through the bill-reader. There is no need to have an account or be part of an online casino to take a ride. The only limit is represented by the age of the player, who must be an adult to have access to the structure. 

Online slot machines 

Well-known and very appreciated by the players, online machines are the trend of the century. Almost everyone has played at an online game at least once. This is also due to the possibility to run the software on any platform which has access to the web. The players just need to create an online account, deposit the money and go. As easy as a pie, you are ready to play and there are no limits or restrictions. 

Making a comparison between online and offline slots 

Once we have recapped the main characteristics and differences, we can now analyze the pros and cons of each type. Starting from online slots, below we are going to make a list of pros and cons, to have a clear picture. 

Online Slot Pros 

  • Comfy 
  • Multiplatform 
  • Unlimited choices 
  • Bonuses and jackpots 
  • Higher RTPs 
  • Info on how to play are available online 
  • Several payment methods 

Online Slot Cons 

  • Need a connection 
  • The Battery level of the devices 
  • Risk of over-playing 
  • Isolation 
  • You need an account

Offline Slot Pros 

  • No accounts needed 
  • No connection needed 
  • Always high performance 
  • Possibility to meet new friends and socialize 

Offline Slots Cons 

  • Physical limit 
  • Restricted choices 
  • Zero info on the game
  • No access to bonuses 
  • Lower RTPs 
  • Restricted payment methods

Final thoughts 

Taking into consideration the info listed above, we can probably assume that online slot machines are better.  Although offline games are still very appreciated, probably they’re going to disappear.

One of the aspects which give online games a huge push is that online casinos offer bonuses that are not available when playing offline games. The number of offers available is limited while playing offline. Considering that players are more and more demanding, this limitation is a massive obstacle. Another enormous advantage is that the number of players is bigger than with offline slots. This has as a consequence that RTP and wins are bigger. Not a negligible detail.

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