Offbeats Deluxe Trade Edition Now Available Direct From Amazon

Tintin meets Tarantino in this 1950’s New York action crime noir. A tale of beatniks, blood, and betrayal. Offbeats: the deluxe trade edition is now available direct from Amazon. This new handsome edition features a stunning wraparound cover from series artist Giles Crawford, the original six page pitch and guest artist pinup’s. All for only $12.99.

An aspiring writer Jim Rhodes arrives in New York City and immediately falls foul of a vicious street gang. He’s saved by an artistic petty criminal Booker Brown who feels obligated to rescue him, and together the two form an unlikely friendship. While trying to get revenge on the street gang, they soon find themselves engulfed in the ongoing war between the mob and a corrupt police force, and must take drastic measures in order to survive.

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