Nyx #1 & Vampirella #25 NFT Editions Available Now! From Dynamite and Terra Virtua

November 16, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite and Terra Virtua are dropping the fiery and steamy hot collectibles today, with the release of NYX #1 and VAMPIRELLA #25 to the innovative NFT format. Fans and collectors can lock in their copies of this pair of historic issues, some of Dynamite’s most important.

Nyx is one of the most formidable and infamous characters in the wider Vampirella mythos, going back to her first appearance in 1996. Introduced as the daughter of the literal god of Chaos, she fought against the Drakulonian – to the death. In Death & Destruction, the character fatally took a spear to Vampirella’s chest. The fan-favorite heroine got better (from death) of course! Nyx has since appeared in stories by Christopher Priest, Tom Sniegoski, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, and others. Now for the first time she’s appearing in her own series by writer Christos Gage of Spider-Man fame. This is a can’t miss key issue for collectors interested in the past, present, and future of the Dynamite and Vampirella world. Now the first issue is available as a collectible digital NFT comic book.

In addition to Nyx’s debut in the NFT space, another important story drops simultaneously. Vampirella herself gets married in issue #25 of her most current flagship title. With writing by the acclaimed Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deathstroke) and art by Turkish master Ergün Gündüz, it is perhaps the most status quo-shaking saga in the character’s history since at least that aforementioned death at the hands of Nyx over 25 years ago. Oh, and her husband happens to be… Dracula! So many stories are set to flow out of this climactic issue of the smash hit 50th anniversary series. It’s all led to this, and so much will be able to be traced back here as well. Now available as an NFT!

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here:

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