Nichelle Wright, The New, Black, Female, Captain America

The United States of Captain America #2 will feature a story from Mohale Mashigo and Natacha Bustos, which will introduce a new Captain America of Harrisburg named Nichelle Wright. Mashigo described Wright as a “light in a dark time” that wants to “take ownership of her community and space in America.” Bustos added Wright was one of the characters she was most proud to help create, saying she was proud of what she represents and means for her community.

The United States of Captain America by Christopher Cantwell and Dave Eaglesham will see the introduction of a number of new characters who take the role of Captain America across the country. The series will focus on Captain America’s shield being stolen and the hero – and other versions of Captain America – traveling across the United States in an effort to find it. Along the way, they’ll run into the “Captains,” who take the role of Cap as protector of their own homes and cities. The first issue will feature an all-new, gay Captain America in Aaron Fischer. The miniseries will also feature the most iconic Captain Americas, including Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and, John Walker.

The United States of Captain America #2 on sale this July.

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