NEXUS: The Coming of Gourmando Oversize TPB

Baron & Rude’s Eisner Winning Nexus is back as he fights a planet devouring monster trying to destroy his planet from the inside out!

Beneath the planet of Ylum, an ancient force awakens, summoning the dreaded planet-devourer, Gourmando, and his enigmatic ally. Even Nexus falls before their might, banished to an unknown realm, where escape demands confronting deepest fears!

Embark on a cosmic odyssey, where heroism is tested, destinies entwine, and a breathtaking spectacle unfolds. Nexus faces his most extraordinary challenge yet, while the fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance. Brace yourself for this mesmerizing saga that melds stunning artistry with heart-pounding action, leaving you yearning for more with each turn of the page! Mike Baron and Steve Rude deliver a new Nexus adventure in this special collection

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