New York Comic Con 2022: Andrew Pepoy at Artists Alley table B-7

Veteran comic book artist & writer Andrew Pepoy will be at New York Comic Con 2022 on October 6 to 9, in Artists Alley at table B-7.

Pepoy has worked in the comic book industry on hundreds of comics for diverse publishers, illustrating such characters and titles as The Simpsons, Fables, Batman, The X-Men, Iron Man, Star Wars, Wallace & Gromit, Scooby Doo, Betty & Veronica, Lanfeust, Uncle Scrooge, Doctor Who, Red Sonja, Lady Death and many more. Since 1990 he has written and drawn many stories of his own Harvey Award-nominated creation The Adventures of Simone & Ajax, which has been collected in book form by IDW and by Andrew’s own imprint, Spicy Tomato Studios. Nominated several times, Andrew won an Eisner Award in 2009 and has also won an Inkwell Award and been nominated for the Harvey and Hugo Awards.

Pepoy will have advance copies of his long awaited brand-new Simone & Ajax book Lemmings and Tigers and Bears! Oh, My! He will also have as well as a wide selection of art, comics and prints for sale, and will be signing and sketching for fans all weekend long.

A limited number of tickets to New York Comic Con 2022 are still available. Act now!

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