New Year, New Stories 2021

An anthology to celebrate indie comics artists and writers! (And, more importantly, to give the profits from making it to them!)

What is New Year, New Stories?

This isn’t your normal anthology!

While it has a shared theme of new beginnings, there are a variety of styles, writers, genres and themes which all share one thing in common:

They are the best people you would meet when walking down a row in comics alley!

New Year, New Stories contains stories of all genres, from superheroes, to fantasy, to sci-fi!


With the help of the amazing writers and artists who contributed to the various comics, we have brought this anthology together to help them get their stories to you.


This anthology is unique – it will not be obtainable outside Kickstarter, because that’s the extent of our agreement with the creators!

Michael Mauro’s Atom Bug is a proud member of the Anthology’s offering!

All profits from this Kickstarter are split between the comic creators who submitted, so you’ll be giving money straight to the people who made these amazing stories happen, something we all strongly believe in!


Join us in supporting these amazing creators and experiencing their work!


We are going as far as necessary to tell the stories you will love!

We’re Back!

We want New Year, New Stories to become a staple for indie comics each year.


The anthology brought some amazing comics to people who would otherwise never have seen them, but the production was a little bit rushed… Over the months that have followed, we have thought carefully about how we’d like the anthology to evolve.


We came up with an ingenious and unique idea – a character to introduce the comics that is included in the anthology, bringing both a thread to follow and a little humour to the stories.


Shayde seems to feel that the others in his party are pointing their guns in the wrong direction!


This character participates in the story on the covers! But don’t worry, once you turn the page for the stories themselves, we’re leaving the work as it was submitted!

Shayde is riding shotgun with all of the heroes!

Of course, we got permission from all of the artists to do this, and everyone’s on board with our unique idea of introducing Shayde!


The Stories

We have a ten amazing worlds for you to explore, and here’s a sneak peek into each of them:

 Melqart, Part 0 (Jowett, Nix)

Written by Sci-Fi fanatic and prolific universe creator Ed Jowett, Melqart is the story of a cyborg who returns through time to ensure the integrity of the timeline. All is not as it seems when he begins to make changes, however…


Nia Caler (Jean, Anderson, Foster, Colors)

Created and written by Dorphise Jean, Nia Caler is the second hero to appear in her Spirit’s Destiny universe. With striking artwork and a story that makes you turn every page, you’ll be wanting more by the end… and you’ll get it, because this is only a sample of the full 25-page issue!


DISARMed (Lewis, Jowett, Ardila, Fidelis)

An epic Sci-Fi story about a group of mech pilots, DISARMed grabs you and drags you headfirst into a world where betrayal is rampant but must still be punished if honour is to be maintained. With dialogue from industry veteran Johnathan Lewis, editing by Ed Jowett and amazing artwork from the team, this is a story we hope you’ll see more of in 2021!


Atom Bug (Mauro)

From the mind of Michael Mauro comes an engaging and fascinating story about an alien war and the brave soldiers who fight an invading force. Join Atom Bug and his sidekick as they take on a planet of their foes in this excerpt from Chapter 1 of the series!


The Plowman’s Lunch (Jowett, Roque, Bragdton)

When a hero returns to town after an adventure, they are nothing more than a person with a sword and a story. And so rose the Lyres, a group of people who tell stories of their “amazing adventures that totally, definitely did happen”!

Join this endearing group of rogues for one of their stories in this comic inspired by a Tabletop Roleplaying Game.


Hope (Back Page Comics)

In this comic, we join a hero who has decided to stop what he’s doing for a variety of personal reasons. Things change during the story however, giving a cleverly thought-out reflection of our current state through this lens, and a truly heartwarming story that will leave you feeling better than you did when you started reading it.


Infected: Black Forest (RANDOMWORM, Jowett)

RANDOMWORM has created a story with a detailed world and strong characterisation, which is enhanced through Ed Jowett’s writing. The characters are real and the story gives you a very present sense of their desperation in this situation. Will they be able to get past this group of thugs and into the tunnel? And what awaits them if they do?


DS al Fine (O’Ceallaigh, Milewski)

This comic is engaging and amusing from page one. This comic follows a princess in a fantasy kingdom who is less than happy with her status! We can’t give too much away without spoilers, but we enjoyed it so much that we had no doubt you would as well.


B.A.T.S. #0 (Permana, Osborn)

Set in an Indonesia under a dictatorship, this creative story offers a preview of what’s coming in 2021 from the team involved – a world of supernatural threats awaits anyone who takes over the government, and a friend is there to warn them about what’s coming…


Cygnus Imperium (Gorny, Sakarya)

Danny Gorny’s epic Sci-Fi adventure is just a taste of what this creative writer has to offer in 2021. An action-packed story which doesn’t stop, this comic follows a small group of heroes as they fight against oppression!

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