New Superhero The Dusk Comes to Kickstarter

TONAWANDA, NY (March 23, 2021): Debuting on Kickstarter, the original graphic novel THE DUSK from Creation.Ink and Ominous Press offers up an exciting new hero by an all-star creative team! Set in the corrupt city of Blackstone, THE DUSK is the story of former baseball player and current public defender Jaime Nuñez, who comes into an unexpected fortune as well as some superhero gadgets, and becomes the noir hero The Dusk. The Kickstarter campaign is live now, and will run through April 22.

THE DUSK graphic novel is written by Alex Segura and Elizabeth Little, with art by David Hahn, colors by Ellie Wright, letters by Taylor Esposito, and edits by Joseph Illidge. A successful Kickstarter campaign will make possible the complete hardcover graphic novel of more than 100 pages. Also available are collectible single issues of THE DUSK with variant covers by an array of artistic superstars, including Howard Chaykin, Francesco Francavilla, Jamal Igle, Rebekah Isaacs, Gabriel Hardman, and Derek Charm.

“THE DUSK is a project very dear to the entire team – and the kind of book that we felt was perfect for a Kickstarter. We wanted to create a superhero that not only played into all the tropes and genre things we love, but also introduce readers to a character that dealt in the grays and complicated corners of the real world, without being overly grim, dark or nihilistic,” said creator Alex Segura, whose impressive credits include the Star Wars novel “Poe Dameron: Free Fall,” the acclaimed Pete Fernandez series of mystery novels, as well as numerous Archie comics and “The Black Ghost” from Comixology and Dark Horse.

Elizabeth Little is a best-selling mystery novelist, and David Hahn’s many credits include Marvel and DC Comics titles “Batman ’66,” “Robin,” “X-Men” and Spider-Man Family,” as well as the current sensation “Impossible Jones.” The team is bringing all of its creative firepower to bear on a classic superhero tale with a modern twist.

“Jaime Nuñez is a good person trying to do better, a flawed man who’s striving to do what’s best for his city, his daughter, and the world. But when he puts on a cowl and becomes the Blackstone avenger known as the Dusk, he learns that being a hero is much more than punching the bad guys,” Segura said. “I’m so happy to be on this journey with Elizabeth, David, Ellie, Taylor, and Joe – and very thankful for our friends at Ominous Press for believing in this book. We appreciate everyone’s support and can’t wait to make this idea into a reality!”

Additional rewards include a T-shirt, full-figure sketches by David Hahn, original cover art, and even the chance to appear as a character in the pages of THE DUSK. The campaign will be funded by reaching the goal of $39,500 by April 22.

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