New Overwatch 2 Details and Hero Announced

With Overwatch 2 just around the corner, Blizzard Entertainment had released some details of what to expect for the first season of the sequel to one of the most successful hero shooters of all time.

Season 1 will include new heroes & maps, weekly in store bundles, a new game mode, as well as a new Halloween themed event.

Blizzard also announced the newest hero to the game. Kiriko will be joining the battle. She has been described as a “wall climbing, Kunai-wielding support hero.”

Kiriko will be the first hero to be earned through the games “battle pass” system. However there will be other opportunities to unlock her and other future heroes without using the battle pass, keeping the game on an equal playing field.

Click here for more info on what to expect in Season 1. Overwatch 2 is scheduled to be released October 4.


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