New Issue of Eternity Smith


We’ve put together a fifteenth issue of Eternity Smith!

This was the issue that until now didn’t even exist!

But it was supposed to. In that issue there was going to be a crossover story in which Eternity Smith met FLARE, along with a new chapter in the saga of INDIGO. Tim Burgard even did a wonderful cover for that issue. But that issue never saw print.

The stories themselves did eventually appear. The Indigo story was published in Flare v2 #4, and the Smith/Flare crossover was published in Flare v2 #5. But they were never seen as they were originally meant to be seen.

Until now!

After all these years, Eternity Smith #15 has finally gone to press, featuring that fabulous Tim Burgard cover, the 18 page crossover adventure by Dennis Mallonee, Rick Hoberg, and Rick Bryant in which our time-traveling hero meets Heroic Publishing’s shining goddess of light, PLUS a 10 page Indigo adventure by Tim Burgard.

I want to be clear about this. These are not new stories. Both of them have previously appeared. But if you’re an Eternity Smith fan, and you’d like to get a copy of issue #15, by all means place an order for it. You can do that here:

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