New Graphic Novel to Become Major Motion Picture with Rising Star Debbie Berman (Captain Marvel, Black Panther) to Direct

It will be a major motion picture and makes for a great Holiday Gift for tweens and teens. UNIKORN creators Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin are directors, producers, and screenwriters who were inspired to write this book while dealing with the loss of a parent. They wanted to create a story that could address their own pain and help their children process the subject in a manner that was full of hope and wonder. Considering the amount of loss this country has experienced lately, we need this now more than ever.

UNIKORN (Scout Comics/S&S; On-sale December 7, 2021) is a coming-of-age graphic novel that is soon to be a major motion picture starring Chloe Coleman (My Spy), produced by Armory Films with Debbie Berman at the helm.  The film will be Berman’s directorial debut but her meteoric career rise over the last couple of years can be attributed to her work editing big budget features including Spider-man: HomecomingCaptain Marvel, and Black Panther.

According to a recent article published in Deadline, Berman was drawn to UNIKORN because it is “full of heart and humor, has wonderful complex characters, and is quite simply a great story.” UNIKORN follows 12-year-old Mae Everhart, who inherits an old horse with a strange nub in the center of his forehead that makes her believe he’s a ‘unikorn’ – a unicorn with a broken horn. She soon discovers the horn was removed for a reason – to keep the animal safe from those who would exploit or harm him. She must find the unicorn’s broken horn and prove to her skeptical father that her horse really is magical before everything she cares about is lost forever.

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