Quarantine Statue Announces New Lady Death “Reaper” Statue!

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (09/29/2022) – Brian Pulido, Writer and Publisher at Coffin Comics, announced at Crucial Con that Quarantine Studio will be undertaking a new Lady Death statue.

Previously, Quarantine worked with Coffin Comics to create statues of their characters, including “Lady Death: Seductress Statue,” “Hellwitch: Forbidden Statue,” and “La Muerta: Vengeance Statue.” Their newest project will be the “Lady Death: Reaper Statue,” modeled after the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis.

“I find this to be one of the most ambitious projects from a sculptural point of view.” Says Brian Pulido. “If you’ve received their previous Seductress statue, you know they do amazing work, which makes me that much more excited to see Quarantine outdo themselves once again.”

The “Lady Death Reaper Statue” will be a 1:6 scale statue, roughly measuring between 12” – 15”, with the base measuring 10” in diameter. It will include 5 figures, one being Lady Death and the other 4 being skeletons huddled around her.

Quarantine estimates pre-orders to launch shortly after the project arrives at the factory in October.

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