New Doctor Who DVD & Blu-ray Releases

Today, two new releases by the BBC give Doctor Who fans a chance to relive their time with the Twelfth Doctor.  The Christmas special “Twice Upon A Time” is being released on DVD and Blu-ray along with a special 14 disc set of the Capaldi years.  In addition to the initial programs, both releases will include bonus content.


Suggested Retail Price: DVD $19.98 (U.S.), $24.98 (Canada)

BD $24.98 (U.S.), $30.98 (Canada)

Length: Approx. 60 mins + bonus content / single disc

 Twice Upon A Time – the final episode of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Time Lord, which found record-setting success with its Christmas Day airing on BBC AMERICA – sees the Doctor come face to face with…the Doctor! The epic conclusion to the Twelfth Doctor era features the return of Pearl Mackie as well as special guests Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and David Bradley (Game of Thrones, the Harry Potter movies), and culminates in a historic regeneration that introduces the Thirteenth Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch). Newcomers have the perfect opportunity to catch the new Doctor’s adventures from the very start, while fans of the Classic series will be delighted by the return of the First Doctor (Bradley, who previously played the very first actor to take on the role of the iconic Time Lord in 2013’s An Adventure in Space and Time). Bonus content on this Blu-ray and DVD release includes Doctor Who Extra.


Suggested Retail Price: BD $129.99 (U.S.), $166.00 (Canada)

Length: Approx. 1969 mins + bonus content / 14-disc set

 The Complete Peter Capaldi Years includes all three Twelfth Doctor seasons plus Peter Capaldi’s very first appearance in Doctor Who – years before he took over the iconic role – as Caecilius in the Tenth Doctor episode The Fires of Pompeii. Chock full of extras – with all of the bonus materials from seasons eight, nine, and ten, plus a new disc full of additional content, including never-before-seen deleted scenes from season eight.

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